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About Chincoteague Island Outfitters

Chincoteague Island Outfitters (CIO) is fully family-owned and operated. Most customer interactions take place with Tammy Riley, or her friend, Lee Ellen. Tammy’s husband, Martin, works behind the scenes and does many of the deliveries. On the busiest days, their mothers (one or possibly both) help out behind the counter. They love to reminisce about what it was like to live on Chincoteague Island years ago. Peggy (Tammy’s mother) likes to tell customers about the houses that were brought over from Assateague Island.

One key characteristic that sets CIO apart is customer service. They go the extra mile for customers and provide unparalleled service. One way they do this is by delivering and launching kayaks and paddle boards for their customers. They have a launch near the business which provides an easy route for beginners and leads to beautiful scenery. If you have another desired launch location, they are flexible.

Upon arriving at CIO you will notice that the building has an uncustomary exterior. That is because it used to be Bill’s Garage. Bill was Peggy’s husband. They had five daughters and Bill worked as a mechanic. After Bill retired, Martin and Tammy ran the garage. The building has been home to various businesses over the years, but none as fitting as CIO.

Tammy’s favorite part of the business is helping people have a great vacation! For stories, laughs, rental equipment, or unique gifts come to CIO.

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